Rucci | Keep Going

This some shit that I done been through
Thinking ‚bout you every night
I bow my head and pray, ayy

Ayy, boss man, check it out, my nigga, look how we grew up
Both our role models ain’t here, we ‚posed to be screw-ups
Got our back against the wall, promise I won’t fall
Leave it up to me, my nigga, I won’t drop the ball
It’s the mind of the murder, man, know I be tripping
I ain’t got myself together yet, but let me get it
Sipping this Hennessy gon‘ make me pay my enemies a visit
Lil‘ homie popped a pill, ever since then he been addicted
We been rocking nonstop, now I need 5K a show
Got an Eastside homie, he got a K for the low
Never play with my nose, I just play with the dough
Never change, and never confuse a snake with a bro
They took my nigga, and my bitch got on
You can’t imagine the type of shit that I’m on
Now everybody, they keep calling my phone
Don’t mean to be rude, I just want to be alone
Leave me ‚lone, I don’t need you, I’ma get it on my own
It’s crazy how people choose to show they love you when you gone
What the fuck is going on, right some wrongs
You was right, I was wrong
All along, now I know …


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