Promo Mix 2014 By Sammy Senior

Promo Mix 2014

Promo Mix 2014 By Sammy Senior

Inna City Heights bringt euch eine Auswahl an aktuellen und beliebten Mixtapes aus dem Bereich PartyBreaks / Ghettofunk / Urban Bass. Wenn auch Ihr euer Mixtape zusenden wollt, schickt uns einfach eine Mail und wir werden uns darum kümmern.


This mix is a showcase of some of my music, made up entirely of tracks I have made this year. Yep.. it’s a 100% Sammy Senior promo mix! Actually, there are a few producers in there that helped me out. Massive thanks to Skeewiff, B-Side and WBBL, for the co-labs on some of these tunes, and to Morlack, DJ Chamber, Joshua Casper, AK Sediki and DJ Alias for putting me on remix duties of their tracks Some unreleased goodies in here, a few of which i’m planning to put out for free in the next few months. If you like what I do, the biggest way you can say thank-you is to give it a share. (or to say thank-you! hehe)

Peace and Love to Y’all

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