Künstler – Morcky (nl)

Name: Marco Galmacci Style:paintings, drawings, installations
Country:the Netherlands Material: mixed-media, spray-paint,
Website: www.morcky.com Material: markers



Morcky is an Italian artist who has lived and worked in Amsterdam (NL) since 2002. Grown with a foot in graffiti and street art, nowadays his main focuses are illustrations, paintings and videos.


Morcky’s drawings are instinctive and detailed, always choosing for impression over control. The world he creates is often a figurative representation of inner experiences. His work has been shown across the world on walls, festivals, galleries and museums. In 2010 Morcky released his first monographic book ‘Day and Night’ a collection of drawings over balance and


Morcky’s video work is widely diverse in both style and rhythm. The use and the mix of different techniques have defined his aesthetics and innovative approaches. He mostly works with his collective named ‘Hello,Savants!’. They created music videos for the likes of artists such as Anouk and Roger Sanchez, while being featured in international festivals such as ResFest and OneDotZero.








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