Künstler – Juice (nl)

Name: Sandor Sweet Style: paintings, sculptures
Country: the Netherlands Material: mixed-media, aluminium
Website: www.juicefied.com



Juice was born in 1971 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


He got his nickname Juice at high-school, which became his artist name in the Graffiti world during the Eighties. In the Nineties he studied illustration at the Graphic Design Academy in Amsterdam and continued at the Royal Art Academy in Den Hague.


Juice paintings have an Art Nouveau-ish poster appeal in a new 2012 Graffiti style version.


He has designed several fonts and combining these with portraits, pinups and topics of his interest to create iconic graphic pictures. Painted in minimal colour scheme and techniques to create strong images in a playing card format with topics ranging between music and dance, nature and high technology, fantasy and world events. The playing card concept symbolises a social aspect used in the world in games to win or lose, which is a metaphor for his experience and view of life on earth.


Juice has a fetish for cars, which he processes and shows in his sculpture works. Due to the meaning of „Juice“, being powerful or energetic, he has used his artist name to create futuristic concept car designs, which could be from another world. A vision of a future world where there is an endless source of free electromagnetic power mobilising his car models in a bio friendly way.


He has developed his personality and artistic skills from a traditional painter and illustrator towards a multi disciplinary craftsman. He is working with all sorts of materials to create and develop his “Juicefied” artwork and designs.









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