ELF Crew aus dem Iran



ELF Crew is the first graffiti crew in Iran – one of the first crews in the whole Middle East – and the only active one working in Iran. This crew has been working since summer 2005. ELF Crew’s activities do not end with just painting walls. ELF Crew believes that they shouldn’t restrict themselves to a single medium. They are trying to take street art indoors.

ELF Crew founded as a graffiti crew in 2005 by Bl!nd and NW (Night Wolf). They started studying and practicing differnet styles and techniques in Tehran, knowing that they don’t get good over night. Eventually, NW kissed graffiti goodbye and didn’t keep himself on the train. However, Bl!nd continued to evolve his spray painting techniques, and created his own style.

ELF Crew

GhalamDar who’s from the third generation of Iranian graffiti artists, joined the crew in winter 2011. He takes everything he does very seriously and tries to make it the best it can be, leaving the audience no choice but to ask for more. And the new member, Ali Fj-one, who’s from the new generation has joined the crew in summer 2011. He always surprises the audience with his talented, unsuasual, and awkward comedic approach in his artworks.
Here we talk about their love of graffiti, experiences they’ve had with it over the years, and the process their minds go through as they go down this road together…









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