Danny Brown – Detroit State of Mind

Danny Brown – Detroit State of Mind

Danny Brown takes us into the real Detroit in this Pitchfork.tv special. We follow Danny with his family, recording new music, performing at Dilla Day and much more.

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Produced & Directed by Eavvon O’Neal
Shot & Edited by William Colby
Mixed by Jeff Curtin
Concert Audio provided by Dana Bartle
Special Thanks: Fool’s Gold, Emeka Obi, Dana Bartle, Toya Sewell, Charles Sewell, Charles Strong, AND Danny Brown
Executive Producer: RJ Bentler

Tracklist (in chronological order):

1. „XXX“ (00:00)
2. „Fields“ (01:33)
3. „Bruiser Brigade“ feat. Dopehead (03:40)
4. Main Attrakionz – „Syrup and Purp“ (06:23)
5. „Lie 4“ (08:56)
6. „Blunt after Blunt“ (10:13)
7. „Party all the Time“ (11:54)
8. Mach Five – „Molly (On My Tongue)“ feat. Danny Brown (14:50)
9. Catch Lungs – „Gotta Kill This“ feat. Danny Brown & Donny Goines (17:20)
10. „Die Like a Rockstar“ (18:20)


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