Reclaiming the Remix w/ Maschine Ep 2: M.O.P „Ante Up“ w/ D/R Period


Reclaiming the Remix w/ Maschine Ep 2: M.O.P „Ante Up“ w/ D/R Period



Dubspot is proud to present the second installment of Reclaiming the Remix w/ Maschine, our new video series in which music producer and Dubspot instructor Shareef Islam invites noted hip hop producers and remixers to revisit some of their classic productions using Native Instruments‘ Maschine and create custom setups for performance in a live setting.



In episode two of Reclaiming the Remix, Brooklyn-based hip hop producer, DJ, and rapper D/R Period stops by Dubspot for a lesson on Native Instruments‘ Maschine with instructor Shareef Islam. D/R has produced tracks for some of hip hop’s brightest stars including Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Queen Latifah, DMX and Cam’ron as well as the late greats Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac, but to most he is known as the man responsible for hardcore rap duo M.O.P.’s radio hit „Ante Up“ and the „Money“ song from TV’s Breaking Bad series.

D/R talks to Shareef about his creative process and using his trusted MPC 60 II, and they explore the creative possibilities of Maschine by not only recreating „Ante Up“ but then also remixing and recomposing the track with impressive results. In the process, they highlight some of the features and functions Maschine provides for chopping and sculpting samples, building and modifying drum sounds, applying effects and more.




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